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陳鍾誠:Did anyone know that whether wikidot support mobile phone , android , iPhone or not ?
讚 · · 不再追蹤貼文 · 10月21日 17:37

Honza Newman Novák I dont think so. Let me know if you find anything about that.
10月21日 18:11 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang You will have no issue accessing Wikidot on Android phones or the iPhone. There is one native app for Android for editing Wikidot pages using the API made by Shane Smith (leiger) called Wikidot Mobile Editor. Find that on the android Market.
10月21日 18:43 傳自手機 · 收回 · 1

Kenneth Tsang For iOS, I have developed a web app Wikidot editor (also using the API). Find that here:
10月21日 18:44 傳自手機 · 收回 · 1

Honza Newman Novák damn, not compatible with xperia x8
10月21日 19:20 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang Oh… Right. What about my web app… Does that load?
10月21日 19:22 傳自手機 · 讚
陳鍾誠 Thanks , It's really nice to know that Android and iOS can edit wikidot pages.

How about browsing pages on wikidot ?

Can I use template to build my wikidot pages for mobile phone ?

How can I remove the bar on top and bottom ?
10月23日 16:40 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang Most themes on Wikidot are view-able on mobile devices. I made the theme "One Line" (see here: which is especially made for mobile support (because of minimalistic interface). Wikidot User "graphmastur" also made this theme ( which is also designed for mobile devices. Personally, I don't think that it suits viewing on the PC though.

If you specifically want to build a wiki for mobile phones, the easiest way is to use one of those themes.
10月23日 19:39 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang If you have any more questions, just hop over to the Wikidot Community ( where a bunch of Wikidot Gurus can help you.
10月23日 19:45 · 讚
陳鍾誠 Hi, Kenneth Tsang:

It's very helpful !

I will try to use and modify the theme to make my wikidot browsable for mobile phone.

Thank you very much !
10月25日 17:02 · 讚 · 1

Kenneth Tsang No problem :)
10月25日 17:02 傳自手機 · 讚
陳鍾誠 Hi, I got another question !

Can I use multiple themes for one site ?

For example, I would like to make one theme for people to browse my site on PC with top edit bar and side bar, and another theme for mobile phone to browse without both top edit bar and side bar.

How can I apply two themes for only one site ?
10月25日 17:10 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang There are two ways of doing this. You are able to set a different theme for each category. Alternatively, will also also able to set different themes per page.

Per Category:
Site Manager (admin:manage) > Appearance > Themes
Here, for each category - you'll be able to set a unique theme.

Per Page:
This is a little more tricky. You must create a blank custom theme and apply it to the category. Then each page must have a CSS Module with CSS @import url(… for the theme. I do not suggest this method because you cannot set different top/side bars.
10月25日 17:15 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang Setting up different top/side bars:

Go to Site Manager (admin:manage) > Appearance > Navigation elements
Here (like for themes) you'll be able to set different options for each category.
10月25日 17:16 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang I suggest running the mobile site in the "mobile" category - e.g. mobile:start for the start page… etc.
10月25日 17:17 · 讚
陳鍾誠 How can I map the other category into the "mobile" category ?

For example, how can I map the root category into "mobile" category.

How to map page /a into page /m:a , and map /b into page /m:b ?
10月25日 18:44 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang You can include it.

Source of /m:a:

Included page "a" does not exist (create it now)

Source of /m:b:

Included page "b" does not exist (create it now)

10月25日 18:49 · 讚
陳鍾誠 Thanks , but it's not so good for me.

I got 2000 wikidot pages to publish on mobile category, so I need a quick way to map /xxx into /m:xxx.

Are there any method to finish the job ?
10月26日 8:43 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang Sorry, forgot to reply. You can automatically create the include pages using the API. I can help you with that if you don't mind adding me as an admin of your site. My username is tsangk
10月29日 12:19 傳自手機 · 讚

Kenneth Tsang Actually, I just thought of a new method that should be much easier. In the _template page of each category, enter the following code:

Then, you'll be able to define the theme through the url - e.g.
10月29日 13:01 · 讚
陳鍾誠 Thank you ! It seems to be a good idea. I will try it !


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